It really is funny …

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Retrospectively Funny.”

sooooooooo ….. this thing happened when I went for my annual check up at the Breast Clinic, there was a distortion on my 3D mammogram and a distortion usually means something nasty is there so said the radiographer who then made them ultrasound for an hour and a half until she had a clear picture of what was hiding there at that distortion point.

as the surgeon talked to me I sat and listened, taking it in, I needed a biopsy on both of the things they had found, next Monday work for you?

results came and that distortion was a breast cancer, hiding at the back in amongst a cluster of cysts, I can take that out on Friday said the surgeon … and so the rollercoaster ride began …

…. the thing is most people would see no humour in this, nothing to laugh about ….

…. but really what is life if there is nothing to laugh at, to enjoy and now there was this excuse for not doing the dishes, for asking my niece to grab my phone … I really was exhausted, the fatigue was astounding so I couldn’t actually do everything for myself ….

…. the thing was after a little while I decided to say things like “Oh I can’t do that I have “The Cancer” …. and in true fashion my family and friends laughed and so I have continued to say it now and then but now it has changed to things like “You can’t say that to me I’ve had “The Cancer””  … and I roar with laughter …. sometimes they do too, other times they just tell me off … but I laugh and it’s mine to laugh at …

…. life is grand …

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