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pure joy of a giggle the breath catching as the giggle escapes and then takes over convulsing body when all you can do is hold on and feel the giggle move through you

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How do you know what is in someone else’s heart? Or is it more important to just know and be with what is in your heart?

know your heart be with your heart risk your heart

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Can you skip the getting to know you?

The thing I need to know is can you skip the getting to know you part? Can you just go straight to the I want to be with you and I am willing to take whatever may come?

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How often do you connect with someone?

How many times in your life have you truly connected with someone? Known immediately that they were a keeper? Questioned it a little but then just accepted it? What if the connection is there but the will to do something … Continue reading

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Have you read Cloudstreet by Tim Winton? If not why not?

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What is it about weather?

Always the fall back topic in an emergency is the weather. But sometimes when you start with the weather it can get interesting in itself. We don’t have snow and to see photographs from a friend in Iowa with snow piled … Continue reading

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What if you find the one too late…..will it be different in the next life?

You hear it all the time…..He’s the one!! She’s the one!! Why is there only one? Is there only one? Lots of us find The Right Now or The You’re Quite Lovely or The Oh My Goodness that looks interesting! … Continue reading

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Sometimes you get a surprise

Ever found yourself unable to walk away from a conversation, you don’t want to miss what might come next, you know it will be worth waiting for, so you stick around and then look at the time and find it … Continue reading

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My town

On a cold winter’s night in Melbourne. I love my little city, all rugged up leaning on the railings on Princess Bridge looking down the river and wanting to remember the look of this place that makes me feel whole. … Continue reading

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I nearly fell off my chair…..

Read CD NOW! was the email ……. so I grabbed for The Age on an average Wednesday filled with interesting creatures……..and all it took was the little line on the side near Catherine’s face “If you loved yourself you would … Continue reading

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