Travels around and about

Sometimes when I have travelled I have gone snap snap snap crazy … well actually all of the time I have snap snap snapped!

On a visit to Firenze … my second … that only lasted a day … I snapped like made and now I realize I forgot to look, lesson learnt!

Then there was the time I went to Rome, I couldn’t stop looking and marvelling that I was actually in Rome! I stayed in a little apartment on via Giulia around the corner from Piazza Farnese and I walked endlessly.

Sometimes you do watch and look what you see


Pantheon #1

Angels in Rome #1

Angels in Rome #2

The things you see when you look

The beauty

Wandering around Paris last year, not lost but not exactly with a huge clue where we were. Around a corner and into the plaza at the Georges Pompidou.
Smiling and staring, sitting and watching.





Osaka, Japan a couple of years ago, right outside the hotel … made me smile, then snort a little.


Japan always surprises and you never know what you will see, just keep your eyes open.






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