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The seed …

So I explored the ginger nut and I came up with some interesting ideas and links, now to follow one and see where it goes! I also called it the wrong name! Ahhhh!

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I’m going to use this as a seed …

… to see what I can write.

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Sunrise in Queensland

Oh I went to Queensland, an ocean view to the sunrise and I even woke up in time to see it!

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I forgot …

… to write! I just forgot and I forgot I forgot. Lucky my friend said she missed my little blog … waves! She’s also worried how much I work, I’m not worried but it annoys me. I’m off on holidays … Continue reading

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I’d like ruby slippers!

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Check out my clouds!

Go on head to my cloud page see a few of the new ones!

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Oh lovely …

… lovely luscious Turkish delight you made my day!

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One lonely lolly ….

One lonely lolly longing to be licked, Left lying there, Look at me it pleaded, Lick me it screamed in it’s little lolly voice!

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Mmmmmm warm weather in winter!

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Love this share from …

… my friend Pete!

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