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He’s loved to pieces

I think perhaps we should head out soon and do something Harry, fancy a coffee up the street or a wander through the Gardens? Advertisements

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Let me introduce you to Jesus of the Coats formally known as Jesus of the Herbs

This my friends is Jesus of the Coats, formally known as Jesus of the Herbs. Hels has a thing for icons, as I sit typing I am next to more than a dozen Marys, monks, Jesus’ and the like … … Continue reading

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I really do like that feeling of waking up and realizing I’m in London

Woke up gently and listened, unfamiliar sounds and then realized … I’m in London! I am in London. The first time I came to London I remember sitting in Trafalgar Square with my back to the wall looking at my … Continue reading

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Hello world I’m Harry!

Sweet roly poly boy, full of smiles and chattering and nodding, rather a special trait in a baby me thinks! Harry in the jungle, happy chatting to the animals.

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Oh this baby is delicious!!!

I got three smiles in the first 20 minutes …. oh this baby Harry is delicious!

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They got the flick …

They got the flick … well it is 38ish degrees in Dubai and they were bunching and stop looking at me like that! Will move my feet non stop for the next 7+ hours I promise!

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We all know that no matter where you go in the world you will see pairs, you might be lucky and have twins like the ones that make me smile or you might just see those special people who travel … Continue reading

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