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Stuck in the traffic …

… then I looked up and all was right with the world again.

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These caught my eye tonight …

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Loved the truth of this …

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I’m Back! (Sorry to leave you hanging)

Was great to read Kate’s post on her CancerCans blog – thank you Hels for pointing it out for me. Joy! Joy! Joy! Life should be about joy! Had to reblog! After 10 months of hardcore blogging…silence. Not a sound … Continue reading

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Love yourself …

… so it turns out I don’t take care of myself, others first, appreciation from them then I don’t have to care for myself. The habit of a lifetime.  Loved this tonight, always thought Lucille Ball one of the most … Continue reading

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My prize …

A morning in town listening to Damon Young speak on Reading and collecting my books. Now I have to work out which How to class I’d like to go to! And find out what Bibliotherapy is!      A room with … Continue reading

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I won a prize!

And I’m quite excited as it all centres around reading, which I have spent the last two weeks of my holiday rediscovering! Yay me!

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Loved this!

   More Purple Clover sharing on Faco

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A wander to …

… the gallery this week reminded me that I have missed it.   The water wall that I’ve watched children I love touch and giggle. The wall I’ve stood touching over and over.          This amazing deer, taxidermy and … Continue reading

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I might need to … 

… read me some Rumi.     From Purple Clover on Faco

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