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Brain exploding …

Ever had one of those days? The world around explodes, figurative not literal – I am thankful for that! The unexpected, surprising jumps out and kicks you in the guts. My head hurts ….. sleep might be interesting with the … Continue reading

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So the 4 year olds with the wearable art

… can tell you if it is Eddie, Neil, Miles or Coltrane playing! Eddie Veder and Neil Young that is! Miles and Coltrane you say? Oh come on the 4 year olds know who they are thanks to their dad! … Continue reading

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So yesterday was my sister’s birthday and …

… we all headed to her place for dinner and lots of giggles and belly laughs. There was tickling and blurting and such fun. I love my family beyond all other things. They lived the 5 nights of 50 that … Continue reading

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I have discovered that …

… when I’m tired I twirl my hair, around and around and around, until it is tight and pulling on my finger and head. Interesting development in 2013. 🙂

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I love being a teacher

And I forgot that this is what it is all about at my level! AITSL Professional Learning

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Lucky me!

I’m lucky! My friends and I picked well. xxxooo

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Dear Denis Napthine

Dear Mr. Premier, Do you think you might be able to do us all a favour? I promise it would make all of Melbourne smile. In fact it would make us all sing. I’m high on the hill looking over … Continue reading

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