This is why …

… you should look up.

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Let go …

… do not let what is said or might be said or what is done or might be done invade your head, do not let it cause you anxiety, do not let things be dumped on you because who ever threw it got rid of it, like the monkeys on your back, they threw it to cause you problems …. you know it isn’t worth your time, stress, anxiety, heart strain …. let it wash off you or belt it back but do not let it in.

A pep talk.

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Why I love my job this week …

I am magic … it is official, I have been told by a five year old and we all know they tell the truth, the total and absolute truth.

I was in her classroom, hanging out, making little rock piles with play doh.
She looked at me.

“You are magic,” she pronounced.

Then looking at everyone else with a serious face she informed them all, “She is very magical you know.”

Playdoh Rockpiles



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When I see you …

… I forget that you didn’t call

… I forget that you forgot that we were friends

… I forget that sometimes you make me cross

… I forget to remember that you have been missing

Then I remember …

… I forgot that we used to talk long and laugh lots

… I forgot you used to tell me all sorts of things

… I forgot that you used to call just because

… I remember that you forgot, that you moved on …

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Things that caught my eye #3


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Things that caught my eye #2


A giant bow in a five year old’s hair, was at least as big as my hand.

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Things that caught my eye #1

Sake – favourite place to eat, looked up from my plate and there was this view.

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