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My love for Dr Who ….

OMG! Dr Who I love you! That’s all there is! Too busy watching for more than that!

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Life, yellow says it all

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Spotted in The Regent Theatre

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My love for the moon …

Is easy to explain!!! For give the unclear photo.

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My love for Hello Kitty is …

Impossible to explain!!!

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Loving adding to …

Have decided to spend time hunting out photos over Easter, am going to add them to my Travels around and about page … and smile at memories of the things I’ve seen around and about.

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Waking up in suburbia

Good morning life, it is nice to be in you! Sitting waking listening. Flocks of squawking birds flying over. Cockatoos, parakeets, loud, flocks flying. In suburbia. Smiling

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And dinner is bought to me by ….

Well it was bought by me to me but cooked by …. ’twas yummy as was the wine …. three days of term to go … I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!

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Time to ask … what do you wish you’d done …

Stay tuned …. What do I wish I’d done? Thought more about my life, stuck with some things, looked after my health … was going to write kissed someone but that might not have been a good idea … been … Continue reading

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Queen of avoidance

I am …. It’s true …. Sigh ….

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