Once …

… upon a time I had purple hair.

Purple has been my favourite colour for so long that I have no idea when it became my favourite.
For years I wore only purple eye liner, so there was something purple about me every single day.

I have purple items throughout my wardrobe, although lately black has taken over as the most visible on the hangers.

I have purple earrings, bracelets and necklaces. If I felt the need for luck I would wear something purple.

Then after thinking and talking about it for ages, I had purple hair. But I was never quite happy with the colour, more a magenta than the glorious dark blue purple that I love the best.

Then one day I noticed all of the silver and decided I was going to stop with the dying and let the silver shine. Now it makes me happy and the purple sticks to my jewellery, wallet, bag, clothes or shoes.

Purple – Daily Prompt

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