My view …

… the sun is streaming in through the window warming my back. There on the counter at The Counter are hot cross buns. It is that time of year, the proper time of year for hot cross buns. I love these buns, they are filled with warmth and love, I guess they are attached to memories, perhaps childhood the deepest of all memories.

Since my health frightened me into action and closing my mouth to all the foods I have attached to my emotions I now know a half hot cross bun is the serving but seriously what would you do with the other half? You can’t be wasteful.

So at the moment the trick is how to get through Easter and not inhale the buns. Start with being fussy and either eat these ones in the picture or even better Phillippa’s which is harder to get, a drive to a shop – don’t make it easy and only get half dozen. I’m sure last Easter I ate a dozen … every day leading up to and through Easter … munch munch munch!!!

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