Portrait Gallery visit today … yay!

I love the Portrait Gallery, my fourth visit me thinks and still finding new things to see.
Wandered through the BP Portrait Prize then headed up to the restaurant for a lovely lazy lunch.
Fabulous views!
Fabulous food!
Fabulous service!
Happy me!
Happy Hellie!
Happy Harry!












The Tudor portraits blow my mind, those kings and queens actually sat for these paintings, these amazing historical figures that I learnt bits about in high school history. To have these portraits to add another layer to the history, love it.

The joy of today’s visit was The Queen Art & Image.
Exhibition link
Queen Elizabeth II was a glamorous woman when she came to the throne. Photographs of her, formal, informal, snapped when she was out at night, all giving an intimate view of the Queen. I realized as I was walking through the exhibition, which is set out with examples from each decade of her rein, that I grew up watching her, seeing her – her portrait in our school, on visits, on television.

When I was 13 I got chosen or put my name forward to go to the Showgrounds in Melbourne and wave at the Queen on her tour of Australia. I have a foggy memory of the occasion, via television or indeed my actual memory – an open jeep type car with her standing waving, is that possible?

Favourite image – Lightness of Being by Chris Levine.
Second favourite a painting from the first years of her rein during the 1950s by Pietro Annigoni.
Fabulous exhibition if you are in London before it closes October 21st then do spend the £6!

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