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No idea …

… where I saw this but it is true! I remember my first lessons as an Art teacher, I was ready, I had my resources, I had exploration activities set to go involving food dye. At recess I ran to … Continue reading

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Things that caught my eye #2

A giant bow in a five year old’s hair, was at least as big as my hand.

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So it is Graduation time …

… and I wrote a speech … It is absolutely stupid to do things you don’t like! Now your mum and dad are sitting here tonight listening to me, and the title of my speech has already made some of … Continue reading

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When the lesson didn’t go to plan …

I remember the time it took us to plan this lesson, we decided to use The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle as our prompt for maths. We took a lot of time preparing, it was a grade of 56 … Continue reading

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Irony …

In origami club today they made whales!

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On our way to meet with Aya …

… our first lovely Japanese Assistant teacher, a day in Kyoto with her and Shizuka. I wonder what the day will hold. Already seen an amazingly clad mother and yes I did chase her down the platform but the the … Continue reading

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Gonski worth voting for!

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The latest band in town!

Glory be! Kids at school have made up an imaginary band that they are in – The Whispering Cats! Their songs are Run Kitty Run and Shut up Ginger! I love kids! One of them made it up so he … Continue reading

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We make a difference!

Meet Rita Pierson … she believes every child needs a Champion! Her message is why I LOVE my job, why I have ALWAYS LOVED MY JOB! We make a difference! No matter how tough it gets, hold onto to that … Continue reading

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Brain exploding …

Ever had one of those days? The world around explodes, figurative not literal – I am thankful for that! The unexpected, surprising jumps out and kicks you in the guts. My head hurts ….. sleep might be interesting with the … Continue reading

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