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Looked down …

… and I saw a feather … gently moving in the breeze on the morning of the last day of the school year.

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You never know …

… what the day will bring. I stand at the front of the school each morning saying hello to the students as they arrive. Last week one of them came running up all excited to show me a peacock feather. … Continue reading

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Last Sunday …

… my sister and I went to a bread baking course at the Convent Bakery.  Huge wood fired oven. Cinnamon sugar on top – why hadn’t I thought of that before? The best scones we’ve ever made. The brew … … Continue reading

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We went to Madame Tussaud’s and …

… I loved it! I pooh poohed the idea when it was first floated but oh I was wrong. The wax works were so clever, some look the perfect image, like Prince Harry, Russell Brand and Sean Connery! We had … Continue reading

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Look what woke me up!

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