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Looking about … 

Sunset over work in the middle of the week. Noticed on Friday afternoon. Screeching all over the suburb. Looking out … Love me the clouds.

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The noise, the smell, the mess and my life

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.” the sound of the bird was the last thing I needed that morning, it’s musical notes were like pens stabbing me in the eye, reminding me that nature is … Continue reading

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F … f …

… feathers …

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Looky looky …

… walking into the building I looked down and what did I see? I saw a foil bird looking at me!

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How spectacular are these chooks!

Look what I saw one bleary eyed morning before I had sipped the coffee I had ordered.

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The sun was setting in Kangaroo Ground

A magical afternoon, enjoying the clear blue skies and sunshine. Giggles, laughs, singing and dancing, watching my brother plant out his orchard. Watching wedge tail eagles soar, grinning at the clouds. Then the sun started setting.

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Seagulls in England make me grin and think of …

… my brother and The Goodies! On my first trip to the UK, some 20+ years ago, with my brother, we grinned and yelled, “The Goodies!” when we heard the seagulls. It took us both back to being kids, watching … Continue reading

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Squawking continued so I investigated!

The other morning I described waking up in the suburbs. All Easter I kept hearing squawking and as the sound increased considerably on Sunday I wandered out to investigate. I was the only one outside and it was like a … Continue reading

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