I don’t remember …

… uploading the last two posts in June and July this year. I am wondering how much of this last two years any of us will hold in our long term memories We will hold the feelings, the trauma but perhaps not all of the memories. For that reason I have tried to keep taking photos – as always mostly of the sky and clouds – joy filled photos of life.

When I read the posts from June and July I did remember the visit to Adney Milkbar, a favourite take away place now we are back in lockdown in Melbourne. They know me by my name and me them.

When I remember back I was so happy the WorkSafe inspector was there to do a follow up COVID check. I just felt better about what they were doing. I felt safe.

This last week when going for my coffee one of the lovelies who works there was saying how rude people had been, swearing at them because they were asking people to use the QR code and wear masks at the order window. Some were really rude when being asked not to congregate outside.

What the actual hell?! Use your manners people, none of us want this, like this or need this lockdown – let alone a pandemic. But this is where we find ourselves and there is no reason you cannot use your manners and be pleasant to people. There is no way you were bought up to be rude and uncaring.

We are all sick of it, the lockdown, the COVID, the nightmare … you being a dick does nothing to change the lockdown, COVID nor the nightmare many find themselves in. It just makes you a thoughtless dick.

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