Reading …

… update … it has not been how I have spent my days, started that beautiful book but the aching beauty has proved too much to keep going, it was too close to home in so many ways, will dip in and out as I can to keep myself calm.

I have listened to a book and started another, it is not the same but it is books and at the moment that is what I can manage, so being kind to myself about the not real reading judgement.

The Ocean at the end of the lane read by the author Neil Gaiman, was enthralling, it made me think and wonder … ponder what was real and what was imagined.

Blink read by the author Malcom Gladwell, am moving my way through and finding it really interesting, the thinking behind the concept of the snap judgement … will see what I think at the end of this reading.

Am listening to previews … searching for a novel to be read to me next.

Have picked up Dark Emu, but might go back to the Young Dark Emu … it has pictures.

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