The decision to …

… get help with decluttering was a lot more simple than I thought it would be.

A regular conversation with my psychologist was around the state of my house, the time poor nature of my life, my lack of places and spaces for things and my overall feeling of being overwhelmed by it all. Often not knowing where to start after I made a list.

Why don’t you get help with it? she asked.

Well now there is a thought, I have never thought to do that.

So I did some research, had a couple of conversations and made a choice of a helpful expensive declutterer.

She came in the holidays, on three different days, a few hours one day, more hours another day and many more hours the third day.

Her idea was to start with a storage space, a cupboard, work out how it was being used, then go through what was in there and go from there. The place she chose to start I said no, I know what is in my glorious American Cherry buffet, I was not ready to think about what to let go from there yet.

We started in an easier place, the cupboard in the bedroom that had only been there about 18 months, was not full but had stuff, things and no order but for the four jewellery drawers, they were all full of order.

We cleared things, sorted things, moved things and made spaces for things. I now have a candle cupboard, one space for all the things waiting to fill my house with smells and light. Now there was an idea I had not thought of. No judgement from you reader thank you, it takes someone to point things out to you. Things like – did you know that the floor is not a storage space? That one is still amusing me and I am repeating it often.

The things we went through still amaze me, there is this lightness about me and about walking into my house now.

Started not finished, more posts to come.

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