Singing …

… my job has always meant a certain amount of performance, in front of a class of children, a group of teachers or parents. In the classroom I used to sing, do silly voices and do all sorts of things to hook the kids.

Somehow in the for a fair few years, anything like that, the idea of it horrified me, I was worried I would embarrass myself – I have identified that recently. So what the hell, take a breath and dive right in – the advice I give others but rarely take myself.

So I booked in to spend a Sunday with Clare Bowditch singing. We learnt four songs, we sang on and off for hours. Then we performed in front of family and friends. I loved it, the freedom, the actual singing, the sound of voices … 100 voices.

I will sing more.


Start of the day, all fresh and ready to go.


The nuns watching us sing in The Linen room.


Looking out of the window, I didn’t know there were horses at the Convent.


Shapes, always look up.


In the courtyard imagining what this must have been like as a convent.


Sun setting and the light playing on the buildings.


Life in trees, end of the day and exhausted.

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