Turning …

… corners.

What if you turned a corner and found something unexpected? Has that ever happened to you?
I am sitting trying to think have I been surprised when turning a corner? My mind is a blank. Perhaps I have not turned enough corners … how do you know if you have turned enough corners?
Today something caught my eye on a wall, I have no idea who this artist is but the image made me stop the car and take a photo.


Then I saw this and was kind of intrigued. I have a niece who has a fabulous eye and her photographs are beautiful, I want to encourage her to pick her camera up again so I snapped this.


There was no reason to turn the corner, this was the main street that would take me to the road that would put me back on the freeway, over the bridge to home. But for some reason I turned the corner. This was waiting for me.


Bozo be what we got …

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