A couple of days …

… in North Melbourne for week. If you look about you there are all sorts of things to see. Each of them sparks a thought, brings a memory or creates a new one. 


Donald Duck, an old ride in a window. I am sure lots walk past it each day, not noticing, ignoring it’s beauty and the joy that it has sitting inside it. All of those rides and all of those children’s smiles. Donald Duck was my mum’s favourite so I notice him.

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Clouds and roof tops, old and new and sunshine making rainbows and shines. There is even a bell.


Beatrix Bakes, lovely lunch, delicious cakes and these hand beaters, that remind me of my grandmothers. Making me smile.


And then I am on the phone with a friend and slow down for the lights, looking to my left I saw this glorious sign. The Showmen’s Guild, total magic in this modern day and age.

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