Why don’t …

… I go out often on a school night?
If I go early, if I get home before it is bed time (that amuses me as the bed time round here is way too stretchy), if I think about it … it is great fun!

This week I have been out twice on a work night!

I have friends leaving Australia, they have sold up everything, shipped the stuff they really wanted to keep and they are off back to London.

As her husband walked down Spencer St the kids ran ahead as soon as they saw me, there were squeals of laughter that filled me with joy and hugs, such great big hugs from such little people.

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We ate Korean and chatted, the kids doing their kid thing, eating, chattering away, watching things to keep them still so we could catch up.

Then back to watch a movie and eat a little mango ice-cream from the excellent Japanese/Korean supermarket just below the apartment they were in for their last couple of days in town.

Their mum came home from her other catch up with friends and we sat and caught up on each other’s news. A friendship we perhaps have both not spent enough time on in this last year or so. But we have adventured to things in Melbourne and I have visited outside of Castlemaine. Each time we speak it is like we have not been apart, it is one of those friendships.

Their mum was my neighbour, over twenty years ago. We have laughed and chattered for many hours together. She has lived in London before and I have visited lots. Our thing is galleries, we do galleries together. Each time I have visited London we have wandered the city, seeing things she had found or the latest exhibit at the V&A or a church be it Westminster or St. Pauls.

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I shall miss her and as we parted she said she valued our friendship, we hugged tight a few times. I really value her friendship as well, it has been a long time knowing each other and now to have her husband and her two boys in my life is a bonus.  We reminded each other that we need to write letters! Most of times she has been living in London we have written to each other, the total excitement when I got home and there in the letterbox was a letter from her. I would take it in, unpack my day, get a drink and sit on the couch ready to read my letter.

My task is to write a letter so that when they finally reach London in May there is something waiting for them all.


Lots of giggles, kisses of sparkly purple lipstick, tickling and joy. Such lovely little people.


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