What is it …

… that makes you anxious?

Now there is a question – I wonder how many people ask this question of themselves. Do they have the insight, have they explored and do they know what may trigger their anxiety?
Do they have the strategies to use to assist them when anxiety arises, appears, visits? And are the strategies so embedded in practice that some anxiety is cut off just as it starts or before it even emerges?

I watch children sometimes and know they do not yet have the skills to put the brakes on anxiety ….. I see adults and watch as anxiety takes over. I listen to friends as they talk of their experiences or the experiences of their children.

Is there more anxiety now? Is it just that we talk about it more?

Anxiety was a constant state for me for many years, mostly around work and until I started working with a psychologist after a breast cancer diagnosis I did not even know this was how I lived my life. That sinking feeling was there all day long, the jiggling of my leg and so much more.

As I type it sits there is a ghost like way, a phantom that I can feel … oh this amazing body of mine that has this physical memory.

Every now and again it rears it’s head now, always relating to my family and friends if they are sick or things are not going well for them. And sometimes related to work, especially if I forget who I am and what I can do.

So … here goes, let’s jump in and sort out a few things.

My psychologist is back at work and I cannot wait to see her this coming weekend and continue working on stuff with her. I’m also excited for the rhythm of a Saturday morning, heading over the bridge, stopping for fruit and veg at the green grocer run by a pair of Italian sisters, meat at the old fashioned butcher next door and a great coffee and bread in the suburb just over the way. Then back after chatting for awhile … a three hour trip give or take. Add to that a visit to the best friend I am thinking will make my heart shine this weekend.



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