So …

… writing always makes me feel better, but as with most things recently it has not been given time. I make lists … who else makes lists? The lists could include things like do mindfulness, walk, read …. this last week or so I have been reading and I have been really enjoying it again. I have this theory that my brain does not work like it used to, as in before my chemical friends did their job on The Cancer. But a friend mentioned that screens have a toll on us, they phaff about with our attention, we skit and scatter and concentrating for a length of time on a book gets mucked up. I know I can read, have been able to for decades but sometimes it takes so long to read just a page. So this last week I have finished my first book for the year and it is October.

Walking has also been happening and space needs to be made for it when work starts again next week, it clears my head when it is warm when the sun is shining. I also need to move, get back on the looking after my physical self, be ready for the Carmen’s 10km walk in two months. Walk or train every day … there is the start of another list.

People are needed, no more time without things planned in the holidays, too many days in my own head … it leaves too much time to fill with thoughts of things that are not necessarily going to happen, it is a whole mind racing mess. As my best friend messaged today “You can’t worry about something that hasn’t happened right?”

So to writing … of any sort … a project would be good but anything will do. Let’s see how it goes.

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