A wander …

… through the MOMA exhibition at the NGV.

Those film filters that make you look younger, or rather a wobbly hand!

Love the fountains and the facade of this beauty.

Looking up, in the garden behind the gallery.

So many things I loved seeing, this little beauty was high in the list.

Bleeding Takari II by El Anatsui made with bottle caps and seals from liquor bottles flattened and wired together. I couldn’t stop looking at it, seeing it undulate down the wall.

Eagle claw and bean necklace by Georgia O’Keefe.

It is just charcoal, I could not get past that it was just charcoal. The more I looked and thought I’d seen the blackest part there was more. I was mesmerised.

Matisse’s La Japonaise

The colours were bright and new even though it was 113 years old. I took this photo because I’d just growled at people taking photos in the gallery and I thought of my friend Helen. She hates selfies in the gallery, use your eyes people!

Simultaneous contrasts: Sun and Moon by Robert Delaunay

I came at this front on, then up so close my toes were nearly touching the wall and looking up high at the painting. I loved how it looked when I stood there. I also loved the pure colours when seen here side on and up.

Snow flurry by Alexander Calder

Again I was mesmerised, I wanted everyone to leave so they didn’t get in my way when I stood back and watched this slowly turning, drifting.

What a lovely way to spend a Friday evening.

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