Is the ultimate control …

… about self care?

Now there is a thought to consider.

It is something my psychologist said a few weeks ago and it sits with me.

I am all about control, it is my thing … however self-care does not seem to be my thing. As I am typing that I hear her saying, “Is that true?”

I do take care of myself in some ways … I see my osteopath regularly without fail, I see my podiatrist regularly without fail, I see my dentist not often enough probably but that is a whole other story of trauma and fear that one. I see my psychologist regularly without fail. I go to my personal trainer regularly … almost without fail. I stay connected with my family and friends without fail. I do lots of things that indicate self-care and to those in the outside world they would think indeed I did it lots of time.
However …. there is the issue of not going to bed at a time that ensures I get about eight hours sleep a night. I do not always eat things that are good for me, my love of sugar still exists and rears it’s head whenever thing seem to get to much. Even when I do not make the connections of “things getting too much”. It is a fascinating thing.
More and more I am agreeing with the questions that my psychologist is asking … do you think maybe there is a connection between this and that, is this the underlying answer to what you are doing at the moment, to how you are feeling at the moment?

What would life be like if I got eight hours sleep almost every single night? That is something that I have been wondering for a while now. Is wondering the first step to doing? Not always but perhaps add that talking about my anxiety and other stuff.

Always interesting things to consider from my sessions with her.


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