A summer weekend in Rome

Many years ago I was on a long holiday … I wandered around parts of Europe enjoying not working after many years of working in schools. This was my first lot of Long Service Leave, a chance to holiday the world on full pay.

This post appeared in my memories section the other week and it had me searching for photos and remembering a wonderful hot weekend spent with friends wandering Rome.


I was staying in a small flat on via Giulia in Rome, just around the corner from Palazzo Farnese and Camp de’ Fiori. It was the best place to stay, central, easy working for so many things and a little electric bus that ran past to all sorts of places. Shame I was so ‘frightened’ and ‘nervous’ about speaking no Italian that I didn’t use the bus for at least a week – the anxiety and mind wandering to places that made no sense at all.

The view up my street, the view out of my window and the view up to the blue sky from the courtyard.

Shiny faces of a hot night walking in Rome, a delicious dinner and then a wander.

A random finding of a cat sanctuary, I am not sure I could find it again, we wandered and turned corners and crossed roads and meandered up streets.

Braver than me she was. There were so many cats, they were everywhere just sitting on stones and in amongst the temple ruins. A surprising site indeed.

I noticed as soon as I arrived in Rome that parking was different, you find a spot whether it be for parking or not and you parked. This is a car on the steps of a church. Which amused us greatly.

Walking up the stone stairs to the apartment … wondering who else has walked theses stairs and who has worn them down.



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