Luke spoke to us …

Social anxiety, is there anyone amongst us who hasn’t felt it? 

Luke McGregor stands there on stage opening up about his own anxieties and all those things that fill his head. 

The things that fill each of our heads could be common but very few of us share the stuff that rolls around, or causes our brow to furrow. 

Tonight Luke asked if anyone else couldn’t sleep with a chair facing them? The reason of course is because he is worried a ghost will sit in it and watch him sleep. 

Not many of us owned up to that, however a few ageeed that all cupboards need to be closed in your bedroom before sleep. Why he asked? It’s dark in there, it’s where the evil comes from I yelled.


Don’t get him started on any part of your body except your head peaking out from the sheet.

This was an evening full of laughter, as he shared his life, his quirks and his relationship – high five he has a girlfriend now.

Melbourne International Conedy Festival I do love you.

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