Has it been …

… nearly a month since I have written on my lovely little blog? Anyone following will have long given up at this point. I wonder who still checks out my blog …
The thing is I seem not to do everything that is good for me, now I know that lots of us have habits that are not good for us, either physically or mentally … they do not support us in our endeavours to look after our health. My psych has a theory about why I don’t do all the things I need to do to look after my health.
I am back at work full time – that in itself may have been a mistake – my job does not have many quiet spaces, it does not allow me to always get home at a reasonable time, it takes over my life quite often. Since “The Cancer” I have reduced the stress and tried to put things with work into perspective. In many ways I have succeeded, but today is the perfect example. Soon the night time meetings will start, for my sanity and health I should only do one a week, next week Finance the week after School Council … but somewhere either next week or the other an info night for preps needs adding. Then there is the parent teacher interview night … I think that week it is the only night at work …
Anyway I am back at work and a basic thing like going to ed early enough so that I get a good amount of sleep … I managed early for me (10.20 into bed) at the start but a week and a half in I am out to 11pm or later …
I feel exhausted, just saying.
So the things I love, reading and writing – I had the entire month of January and read part of one book and the start of another – I didn’t spend day after day reading – why?
I haven’t regularly written my blog in so long – why?

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