A word …

… for the year, a word to live by, a word to hold close, a word to remember when things get difficult, when things like my real life get gobbled up by my work and other such nonsense. A word to make my life better, to make it shine and be filled with the things that make me happy.

My friend Kath posts every year, giving her family and friends the opportunity to pick one word to live the coming year by.

When you set a New Year’s resolution do you actually expect to keep it? I remember one year I decided that I was going to learn to salsa dance (I think I went to one or two sessions at a place in Fitzroy … perhaps it wasn’t even that year, it might have been what inspired the New Year’s resolution) and I was going to learn to juggle. Oh and you won’t believe it but the juggling I did, I taught myself and practiced night after night, often at midnight dropping the balls on the wooden floor, plonk, plonk, plonk … poor neighbours. It has been a great skill, often used when talking to children, to distract them from their meltdown, to get them to chat to me, to help me think and sometimes just to show off.

So the year before last I decided my word was breathe, with a year of treatment for “The Cancer” and heading back to work part time I needed to breathe and I really appreciated it. I loved that Kath would message me if I was getting into a tizz, reminding me of my word. Last year my word was stillness, I needed to rest and to be, to appreciate the beauty of life by being still and noticing, taking time to be still, I was not so good on some occasions but as the year progressed  I was forced to be still and it was good and also not so good as it turned out. 

So this last few days I have been trying to work out what my word will be for 2017. After yet another year that was in the end consumed by my health I knew it had to focus on that, there had to be something that I could remember, keep close and use all year long.

I have paid attention, I have listened, “The Cancer” didn’t scare me enough but the clots in my lungs (which could have gone to my heart or brain and killed me) and my irregular heartbeat have indeed got my attention.
I have lost almost 18kgs, I have been exercising although still use some excuses not to, so that is an ongoing thing – I need to think before I act, before I make a decision, I need to ask – Is this good for my health? I need this question to be a constant companion.

This year is about self-care, it is about wellness and my health – it is about ME!

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5 Responses to A word …

  1. Queen of Quotes - Stealer of Quotes/Words/Questions says:

    What a wonderful positive way to approach life in 2017 Sus. I shall borrow & use your wise word/question ‘Is this good for my health?’ if that’s OK with you Sus??? Here’s to swimming away our worries, cares, weight and health concerns my friend! – Queen (who steals) Quotes – 🙂

  2. kathmurdoch says:

    I hereby appoint you as my chief word ambassador. Love you Sus! xxx

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