Writing …

… hmmm am wondering what needs to be the end of this sentence.

Writing … is something I am really good at.
Writing … away your emotions is useful.
Writing … out your emotions works a treat to move on from things.
Writing … through stuff works a treat.
Writing … used as a focus on wellness, worth exploring more.
Writing … something I should be doing every day!

Have had three of the four weeks of my writing course – Writing as Therapy – through The School of Life – Melbourne.
Each week new things rise up and are written about … the actual practice of writing each day is still not reestablished but am writing more – which pleases me.
Am exploring all sorts of things, just like I do with my psychologist so that is interesting.
It has been interesting to see just how much “The Cancer” keeps coming up … surely there is more to write about? Perhaps I need to write it all out so I can keep moving on, who knows … I shall just continue on and see.

Conclusions – It is a lot easier to write things down than say them out loud. The things that come out can be quite interesting, the words you chose, the phrases you put together, the message you try to convey … the emotional drop and it’s role in your writing is something I really want to explore further.

It is a lot nicer to have them written down than hidden away in the dark room where everything not so nice goes to hide, or is dumped or abandoned in the hope that it will go away.

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