The shallow end of sanity …

The start of something – an initial idea – needs more exploring – came about from something quoted by Sian Prior – Writing as Therapy – The School of Life – Melbourne – I think it was from Joan Didion – the line or rather the words that stuck are the title to this something piece.

The shallow end of sanity …

Each of us wades in and out of the sanity pool throughout our lives.

Testing the water, a toe splashing just to see what will happen if we poke at it a little,

A foot moving across the surface, wondering what might happen if we place that foot below the surface,

Sometimes we wade in up to our ankles,

Every now and then we might move out further, pushing – letting the water reach our knees,

Then we turn and look back to the shore, not far away but not close enough to be able to be stepped straight out onto,

If we were to keep walking out, wading then slowly sinking until we were swimming … what would happen?

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