Things appear …

… when you don’t expect them … they sneak up on you … as I wrote last night the anxiety has wandered in and out … about today’s mammogram mostly …
… going into the clinic today I was reminded of the biopsy day, it went bang into me … anxiousness, worry, wondering, sitting knowing not what was going to happen – I didn’t ask lots of questions I found it easier not to deal with stuff that might not happen if I didn’t ask too many questions …
I breathed and my body settled, I watched the clock, I sat, I waited, I got my boobs squashed and then went and did some stuff for me. Now I wait til tomorrow … I looked at the films but what would I know, they just look like huge squashed boobs to me … was interesting to see the scars and cuts from my operation, that was enough, anyway the anxiety has settled and we will see what happens tomorrow.
I have had lots of messages today but by far my favourite was from my sister – we only get it once and we kick it’s arse, that made me smile and was the perfect message for her to send.
From my holiday in Europe with my niece in September 2014 – this might be one of my favourite photographs of me, makes me laugh – Madame Tussauds.

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  1. That really is a great picture 🙂 Great post too 🙂

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