I won a prize!

And I’m quite excited as it all centres around reading, which I have spent the last two weeks of my holiday rediscovering! Yay me!

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2 Responses to I won a prize!

  1. Randal says:

    What’s the prize?

    • purplesus says:

      A bit exciting!
      1 x Double Pass to Damon Young On Reading – Secular Sermon (valued at $70)
      1 x Ticket to The Art of Reading with Damon Young – Workshop (valued at $60)
      1 x Ticket to any ‘How To’ class at The School of Life Melbourne (valued at $75)
      1 x Bibliotherapy consultation with The School of Life bibliotherapist (valued at $160)
      1 x The Art of Reading by Damon Young (valued at $28)
      4 x Books hand-picked by Damon Young, including works by Jean-Paul Sartre, Friedrich Nietzsche, Virginia Woolf and Arthur Schopenhauer (valued at $108)

      Total prize pack = $501

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