Empathy …

… in Australia … The School of Life Melbourne

On a Monday night in February I found myself una car with a friend. We were on our way to a symposium titled Empathy in Australia. The idea and the speakers had caught our eye. 

Things shared, things thought about, things taken away … 

Empathy is the cornerstone of relationships and without it our relationships are tone deaf. 

Collective empathy can create change!
Empathy is a bridge to understanding the other.

Looking in needs to be balanced with looking out of oneself.

Cognitive empathy – actually wondering what it would be like to be another – look at the homeless person or anyone else and step inside their skin.

If we are wired to be empathetic why is it hidden so much now? 

I don’t know how you feel, you tell me how you feel … that is your conversation …  

Expand your curiosity and talk to someone you don’t know every week … I like the sound of that, would make life interesting.

A thing to do – Have a look at – Roots of empathy program.
My take away – for a change immediately – Talk to a new parent in the yard every afternoon. 

Then off to dinner we went, each with things to think about and questions to ask … 


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