So last night …

… I got a little anxious, it happens …
I got a little fright, a thought crept into my mind … it is hard to write down what … a little like when I was first diagnosed with cancer and I had to fill in all these forms, there was this one box that I just couldn’t tick to start with, the cancer box, I think I even got a nurse to tick the box once or twice because I couldn’t bring myself to do it.
So last night this thought … of what if it comes back wandered in … a friend asked if I breathed, such a good question – my word from last year … if only I had thought of that, BREATHE and this years word … STILLNESS … I woke up today with that thought gone … next time it returns I shall be still and breathe my way through it …
For awhile after it was found I would think about this thing that had been growing in me and how long it had been doing as it wished … but then I stopped myself and am thankful it was found. Once in awhile my mind wandered to what if it wasn’t found … that I stop quickly, breathe and get on …

This was a really interesting article – thought I would share.
Anxiety and the outgoing personality

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