The New Year beckons …

… that time of year filled with the ideas of resolutions, surely it is about the entire year and not just one thought at the start of the year.
My friend, Kath has for years asked her family and friends to pick just one word to live your year by … So this year’s word was BREATHE and it proved oh so apt, especially when I was reminded by my friend to make my decisions based on what would make me breathe more! It has especially been useful in the last two months of the year, sorting my way through work, taking back control from the anxiety and stress of my role – it has led the way and held me tight to what is good for me.
And so to this coming year … I have been thinking that BREATHE needs to keep being there on the edges until it is embedded into my life … I am wondering about STILLNESS … but want to mull over it a little more …. so as always stay tuned … I wonder what word you will pick … 

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1 Response to The New Year beckons …

  1. Miriam says:

    Love your post. May peace, tranquility and many days of relaxed deep breathing await you.

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