So it is Graduation time …

… and I wrote a speech …

It is absolutely stupid to do things you don’t like!

Now your mum and dad are sitting here tonight listening to me, and the title of my speech has already made some of them shudder a little. 

There are things that I know they make you do that you don’t like … there are things that we have made you do at school that you don’t like.

Some of you don’t like broccoli but your parents have made you eat it, because eating a rainbow is good for you, broccoli can give you all sorts of goodness and goodness is important for your growing body.

We have made you do sport, some of you don’t like that, we have made you write some of you definitely don’t like that.

You will head off to Secondary College next year and there will be people who will make you do things you don’t like. They will make you do homework, probably lots of it, but again they will tell you it is good for you.

Lots of adults in your life will ask you to do things that are good for you and as a child most of time you will do them, trusting that they are doing things to protect you and make your life a good one.

So here is the thing – when it comes down to it there are lots of things you have to decide for yourself. I’m not encouraging you to be naughty, to not do what adults ask you to do but I am saying that in the end when you are all grown up please don’t be stupid and do things you don’t like. 

There is no rule that says the first course you pick at university is the one that you have to complete. Sometimes it will take a couple of goes to find what you want to learn and be. Sometimes you might not go to university but you might try a TAFE course or even get an apprenticeship – who knows what you will end up doing once you leave secondary college.

Your work life is really long, it can go on for years and years and years, can you imagine dragging yourself to work every single day to a job you hate, working on something you don’t care about.

There is no rule that says you have to do that, there is no rule that says you have to stay in a job if it is killing your soul.

Find something that you like, or even love and do that – make sure you have a go at doing a job that will make a difference to someone or something.

There is no rule that says you have to stay in a relationship that isn’t working for you. That might be a friendship or even a person that you were once in love with.

Look around you and notice the close friends who surround you, think about what bought you together as friends, and think about why you are friends.

As you move through your life you will make friends, some for the time being and some for life. The ones you keep will make you laugh, will love you for you, will give you their time. They will take care of you when you need care, they will challenge you when you are being unreasonable, they will help you no matter what. These friends will be the key to you understanding who you are.

So take a breath and be brave in your life. Make choices that will mean something, they might mean something to the people in your life, they might mean something in terms of the local community, they might mean something in terms of the global community. 

Please as you grow up take time to reflect in your life, to wonder, to ask for help when you need it, to offer help when you see it is required, take time to find out what makes your heart sing and fills your soul and life with contentment. And when you find out what that is, give yourself time to experience it and enjoy it.

We have taught you to have a voice, to say what you think, to argue your point, to have a viewpoint and as you leave your school and all it has meant to you remember to use your voice, build your opinions, argue for what you believe to be right, stand up for those who need your support and don’t be afraid to challenge what you know to be wrong.

As life takes you on many different paths in the years to come we hope that you fondly remember your time in primary school, with teachers and friends who have loved you for being the individuals your parents have created.

 Thank you for being our wonderful Year 6 class of 2015, we wish you a long successful life filled with love, joy and fulfilment.



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2 Responses to So it is Graduation time …

  1. Lucky kids to have heard that.

  2. Mandy Daws says:

    Nice to read it after hearing it!

    Sent from my iPad


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