One year on …

… what to write … the year has meandered by, filled with all sorts of things I did not have on my non-existent 2015 list.

So my word for this year has been breathe and how aft that has been and I seem to have used it automatically for the first half year, in spite of moving through treatment for “The Cancer” I was mostly calm, chilled and taking time to rest and breathe. 

But returning to work has seen me holding my breathe filled often with anxiety. Time has been taken this last month to start breathing again, to settle and let things wash over and around me, stopping to acknowledge then letting it slide away. It’s working just in time for work to stop and holidays to start.

A huge year it has been, my body has taken a lot but it’s getting stronger every day. This last four days I’ve walked 10,000 steps, the most since before “The Cancer”, I’m getting fitter and I’m happy with that.


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