I’m back!

I didn’t go anywhere, but my time did!
A refocus on writing … I headed to a Gunnas Writing Masterclass this weekend with Catherine Deveny Gunnas
It was great to sit and learn, just for me and I loved the writing. So now the challenge – write for one hour a day four days a week for one month. Lots should start flowing through to this space … if I’m happy enough with it that is!

Here is a start!
What has “The Cancer” shown me?


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1 Response to I’m back!

  1. Too wonderful Sus – your writing, your sharing, your swearing and everything! How glorious to be shown you are so ‘loved’ and completely necessary in the lives of your family and friends! Also, and most importantly, that you and your health are number 1 – a good lesson for us all. Thank you for your ever-generous sharing my friend from Ing – Queen of Quotes

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