A thing we do …

… not sure when it started or even how, perhaps a conversation about organic fruit and veg. But to the market my sister and I have gone for the last few years on a Sunday morning. 

It’s calmer on a Sunday and we like that. 

We always sit, have a coffee in a take away cup and if we time it right a blueberry muffin fresh from the oven. 

We chat about her kids and the family, we catch up on news. We continue to chat after muffins are gone and as we push our trolleys about filling them for the next couple of weeks. There is a rhythm fruit and veg, bags and bags of apples for her. I still remember her telling me how they’d moved the couch and there were apple cores behind it, her youngest can’t get enough fruit and seemed to have forgotten there was a bin for the cores! 

Then it’s butter, fresh huge slabs we get slices of and of course it’s more delicious than the supermarket wrapped butter. To the bread for a treat for her middle child, long soft French dough dotted with chocolate.

Then it’s meat and chicken time, I’ve made my own little tradition now. I buy a leg of lamb for each of us, I know I don’t have to but I want to. This last Sunday her eldest came with us to buy for herself as she’s house sitting, so I bought her a leg too! Then we started comparing cooking ideas, to Jamie I need to go to try the wrap the whole thing in baking paper – I like the idea of lamb dripping off the bone.

We wander back to our cars, still marvelling if someone got a gangster park. We work out when we are going to catch up again, this week I’ve invited myself over for dinner with her eldest in tow!

That’s our morning at the Victoria Market. 

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