What is normal?

There is a question for you, I thought my arm was normal, it felt odd but had on and off since my operations last December. I thought nothing of it really. My breast had gone back to almost normal size after radiotherapy, I got cocky, I got confident, I didn’t massage as my skin repaired and I could bare it being touched. It went whosh … swollen, red, warm, hard in parts and sore. I furiously started lymphatic drainage massage again, booked into the physio and then got sick with a chest infection so I was all swollen, my feet, my legs, my lungs all madness to match my breast

This evening I headed out into the freezing windy night to see the physio, was measured, 10.9 that was the reading on my arm, I was swollen and cross with myself. So she came up with an idea just before she started the massage – what if we try something else today. So …. I was strapped into this jacket which was attached to a very expensive machine. Air was pumped in and it squeezed and released, massaging my arm and breast for 35 mins. And ….IT WORKED! The reading afterwards was 0.5!

And you know what?! My arm and breast feel normal, now they actually feel normal, no weird feeling in my arm and a soft breast, happy me!

Me waving at you!

Filling with air!

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