The smell struck me first …

… as I walked into the Day Oncology Unit on Momday. 

It wasn’t something I had noticed when I walked in that first time for an hour long education program. 

It wasn’t something I noticed on that first day of treatment, I was too busy embarking on this new adventure with my best friend by my side. Sitting and wondering if I should be scared, when really all I felt was elation, because this was something else I was doing to get rid of this inconvenient and annoying thing called cancer.

It wasn’t something I noticed on the day of my second treatment, I was too busy worrying about how to cope and get through the allergic reaction that I knew would come again, without squealing in public and in front of my next best friend, he who entertained me and kept me laughing that long, long, long day.

It wasn’t something I noticed that third day, when a lovely friend jumped into the spot to drive me in when my glorious niece got a sore throat and soooo couldn’t come onto an Oncology Day Unit! That day I waited and noticed my throat getting all warm and metallic and weird, the first sign of the allergic reaction, then my lungs and breathing going all strange … that I noticed that day.

It wasn’t something I noticed that fourth and final day, I was too busy loving the company of my fabulous cousin who gave up a day of her trip back home to Australia to support me. That day was filled with smiles, photos and yays!

I sure as hell noticed it on Monday, it wasn’t something I liked.

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3 Responses to The smell struck me first …

  1. lifeamongtheflowers says:

    Plug your nose (:

    • purplesus says:

      It just struck me on Monday out of the blue and really it is all part of life and this interesting adventure … so nooooo to blocking my nose, notice it all, let it settle and be, then move back into my life.
      But hey thanks for the suggestion.

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