Daily Prompt: Fifteen Credits

Wandering and rereading … getting my head back into the idea of work … this is why I love my job … the thought of going back does make my stomach turn a little … am I ready?

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Daily Prompt: Fifteen Credits.

I started trying to write to this prompt the day it appeared but then got distracted!
The next day at school what I was writing about happened!
I keep my office door open so I can see the kids as they wander past on their way to class or into the building. I look up when I hear a sound, a footstep, a voice or the squeaky door, in the hope of a smile, a wave or a chat.
On Thursday I didn’t hear the preps come into the building, they peeked into my door to check I was there and each blew me a kiss! As the eighteenth child loudly smacked her lips and waved her hand finally a Mmmwahhhhhh came drifting into my ears! I turned and grinned then followed them to the computer room and blew each and everyone of them a…

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