So …

… the last three weeks … a nurse said I’d wake up one morning and start to feel better, and she was right. That day was last Wednesday I think, I woke up and there was still pain but not in as many places.

My skin was bright red, burnt, blistering, peeling, throbbing with pain more than any I felt after my two operations, I think it hurt more … but they were in December which seems like so long ago. Each movement I would wince or whimper or both … not a great way to get about, do anything but sit very still … stillness worked well.

But the skin needed caring for so each day to the hospital I had to go … by the Friday I found driving my manual car impossible, I got home and waited for a call about some painkillers, it came but just to say oh sorry the doctor left and didn’t see my note … I cried … I called my doctor and waited another hour and a half, I called Doctors On Call just as a back up. When I called my doctor back the receptionist said he was busy seeing patients so she wasn’t sure, I burst into tears, I sobbed, she figured how desperate I was after hearing my sad tale. The script was written, sent to my chemist who then delivered it. 

So I spent the weekend inhaling panadeine forte, a lovely friend look me to the hospital, out for brunch, to the shops then she did the washing up and planted all my plants, I loved her work, I just stood about whincing, especially when I tried to help!

So resting and snoozing and drugs, that was how I got through the weekend. The days of the week meandered with this and that and daily to the hospital, off tomorrow for what might be the final tick of approval to repair. Yay me!

I’m feeling better today, two and a half weeks since completing radiotherapy … happy now.

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