I’ve been slack …

… but I’ve been in pain … to make up for my slackness check out what I saw today, in the middle of the suburbs!


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3 Responses to I’ve been slack …

  1. katelharc77 says:

    Hilarious! How are you going, Sus? Rads sounds like it’s been tough. Fancy a coffee some time?

    • purplesus says:

      The aftermath of the rads were the issue with me, the oncologist still said my skin was so much better than he thought it would be, he was rather amazed last week and still said at its worst he thought it would be worserer! I held onto that as the pain grew. My underarm went in the last week or so of treatment, the rest and worst happened when it was finished, with last weekend being a nightmare of pain – the worst part of the whole experience I think. Would love to have a coffee … just followed you on Twitter follow me back and we can direct message and work out a catch up. Xo

    • purplesus says:

      PS yes it was rather amusing I actually did a double take as it looked so real as I drove towards it!

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