The pain continues …

… heading to hospital in the morning to see the nurses to get this mess dressed … I’m in so much pain … but my brain is so scrambled I keep forgetting to take the painkillers!!!

The pain is stabbing needles in my side and my breast … my underarm has settled in terms of pain but the arm is awkward and not capable of much … 

I can see the redness growing in at least two places … come on my lovelies please start to get better by mid week … my friend says to take a bag with me tomorrow in case they admit me and not to forget to tell them just how much pain I’m in … am not enjoying this … come on body let’s start to repair, you can do it COME ON!

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3 Responses to The pain continues …

  1. katelharc77 says:

    Oh Sus I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with pain. I heard once rads finish your body should heal quite quickly, so it might be worth seeing your GP or rads onc. I hope it heals soon, my friend.

    • purplesus says:

      Saw the nurse yesterday and heading back tomorrow – all to be expected apparently – can keep deteriorating for 10-14 days after treatment finishes. Am counting the days and trying to keep doing stuff. I look weary according to a waitress today and I look heaps better than a month ago according to the friend I had lunch with! Hugs x

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