It hurts!

Under my arm is crimson and in parts purple, now that is my favourite colour but my skin does not need to be my favourite colour! It hurts to lift my arm, when I wake in the mornings it hurts all the way through, dull muscle aching pain. It hurts under my breast where my glorious skin is so desperately trying not to split. I have shudders and pins & needles just like you do when you’re sunburnt, it comes and goes all the time.

I’m tired, so very tired …

Three more treatments to go!!! 

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2 Responses to It hurts!

  1. katelharc77 says:

    Hang in there! Three to go! Three little zaps to go. You’ve done so well…active treatment is nearly over 🙂

    • purplesus says:

      Hanging in I am, just a little moan quite unlike me but it bloody well hurts today.
      When it’s done then the other stuff starts, resting and getting fit, so much needs to be achieved so I have a solid chance of this never coming back. Fitness and weight lose but hell what a motivator! Oh and I’m looking forward to menopause the wild mood swings should be great for my staff … hehehe!

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