Loving this …

… soft hair!




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4 Responses to Loving this …

  1. katelharc77 says:

    Hooray! Your hair is growing back so thick and fast! I only have the finest wispy bits on top of my head. Hopefully it’ll thicken up soon. How many weeks since chemo are you?

    • purplesus says:

      It is soooooo soft, I keep making people pat it! Hehehe! I am nearly nine weeks away from the last chemo … wow that time has whooshed by!

      • katelharc77 says:

        Good for you Sus, your head looks totally ‘patable’ 🙂 You finished rads yet?

      • purplesus says:

        I made myself laugh when I went to school for Open Night, I kept getting the kids to pat my hair! I’m usually doing it to them with their new haircuts!
        Three more days to go! Three more, three more, three more days to go! Yahoooooooo!

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