So …

… I’m being cooked from the inside out. My skin is holding up so well, no breaks, no weeping – I am certain I would have publicly  weeped lots if that had happened – so touch wood that continues to be the case!

It hurts under my arm, quite a bit, a muscle ache … yep that happens in fact it’ll probably be the worst at the end in terms of reaction so I was told today – there is a deep red there all the time now, a line of growing purple … things touching it are starting to make me whince. 

My breast is large, swollen and red … the skin at the top of my chest is sensitive clothes are annoying … it itches and I have to remember just to scratch with my mind … leave the skin alone!

I have no fat-i-gue … I forgot it was supposed to come … reckon the steroids are keeping it hidden, cough is getting better! 

Five more to go, only five more to go … tonight I have a stinking headache unrelated but unpleasant … 

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6 Responses to So …

  1. katelharc77 says:

    Hooray! You’re nearly there! So glad your skin is holding up. What Moo Goo product are you using?
    P.S. Your niece is gorgeous!!

    • purplesus says:

      Hey Kate I’m using Skin Milk Udder Cream, have been using it since I got given a sample from the pharmacist at Epworth Freemasons at my first chemo. It was great for the itching I got as a chemo side effect, have been rubbing it into my scar too, feels great and I’m impressed at its efforts to help hold my skin together – using it at least twice a day. Am buying it online from the supplier
      My niece sooooooo is beautiful – a plus of having breast cancer today was I spent most of the day looking at her and patting her, kissing her and hugging her – heaps better than working! Hehe!

      • katelharc77 says:

        Ooh I think I got given some of that stuff. Do you think I should be using it now to prepare for rads…or just wait? I’m not liking the idea of radiation induced skin burns. Sounds positively awful. SO glad you got through it relatively unscathed. xxx

      • purplesus says:

        Get it now and slather up Kate, I think that helped my skin get ready. It’s good for scars too, mine was settling well until the rads started. You know what Kate each increasing thing I’ve thought would be the worst but it has never been as bad as I thought it would be. This is not much fun now but that may have to do with my size, the oncologist said I’d have issue because my boobs were so big but hey it’s only these last few days I haven’t enjoyed!

      • katelharc77 says:

        That’s really great to hear. We deserve a break now and then!

      • purplesus says:

        PS Positively awful is okay if it goes away, don’t you think?! And I’ve found if I don’t think about what it is doing and just get on with stuff it is better with radiation. You’ll get fatigued and your skin is burnt they are the main two side effects so accept and get on is my attitude. xo

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